3 May 2016

17th-18th Oct 1946: birthday kisses

17 Thur. Rather cold, cloudy. Sent post-card to Anthony. Received 2 pairs of socks, a tablet of scented soap and a birthday card from Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie: my birthday is tomorrow. Wrote letter to acknowledge the same. To Wimbledon to buy a few things and to make an appointment for Ciss with Mr. Callander the dentist. Bought a few things locally. Received Montreal on 24 metres very strongly on the loud-speaker.

18 Fri. Cold, cloudy, chilly wind. I am 58 to-day. Wrote letter thanking Uncle Tom for the presents. Did the usual shopping locally: bought some really fresh cats meat at Morden. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and baby Margaret in her pram called. When I told Gwennie it was my birthday she made a fuss of me and kiss, kiss, kissed me – oh, she is a dear. Received a short wave station whose name I cannot spell but the announcer said it was in French equatorial Africa.

Note: no telephone, has to make dental appointment by visiting. 

2 May 2016

15th-16th Oct 1946: I owed one penny to shop

15 Tues. Rather cold, dismal, calm. Alan Spooner called bringing an ex W.D. portable short-wave transmitter-receiver. He transmitted while I received on my set with the short wave coils plugged in. Bought fish locally, also to the glass shop in Haydon’s Rd to pay a penny I owe them. From thence to see Alan Spooner at home in Russell Rd. He showed me his 5ft 6ins glider also he had another transmitter and we were able to converse while he carried his transmitter down the garden, I remaining in the house, operating the other one: very interesting. Wrote a letter to Uncle Tom.

16 Wed. Rather cold, dull, rather misty: calm with occasional gusts. Got the groceries locally: also fish. In afternoon met Alan Spooner on Wimbledon Common for some model flying. I flew my model with good results: one or two flights were particularly good. Alan flew his 5ft 6ins glider from a tow line: he got some good glides but slightly damaged the wing in collision with a tree. It was exciting flying such a large machine, it weighs 1¼ lbs and is dangerously fast; I should not like to be struck by it. The three children called; gave them some ginger bread to take home.

1 May 2016

13th-14th Oct 1946: picture perfect... and cleaner's 'blood pressure breakdown'

13 Sun. Rather cold, dull, not much wind. Short walk in afternoon. Mrs. and Edie Hopkins came to tea. Played some Beethoven on the piano and some hymns on the organ.

14 Mon. Cold, dismal, not much wind. To Merton where I bought a high-tension battery, 120 volts price 14/2 – three times the pre-war price. Also bought cats meat. In afternoon bought a piece of picture glass in Haydon’s Road. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and baby Margaret called in afternoon. It was Laurie’s birthday on Sat: he was six and he brought two pieces of cake for Ciss and I. I cut some roses, they were for the baby; her first gift of roses. Gwennie laid the roses on little Margaret’s pram. Framed the cornfield landscape using the glass bought this afternoon: another picture for the home. Mrs. Conley who is in hospital with a blood pressure breakdown was a little easier to-day.

30 April 2016

11th-12th October 1946: singing cleaner taken ill

Bliss in Herne Bay - never mind the seaside - the little boy now adding
 this caption stayed in 3, Cobblers Bridge Road  (the second semi-detached bungalow
 on the right), with a garden backing on the RAILWAY! Great excitement. For years
the very idea of a 'bungalow' also represented holidays. 
11 Fri. Cold, bright, clear sunny day, but a raging cold NE wind, Got the meat and other provisions locally, also bought smoked filletted whiting, very tasty, at Morden. Cats meat also at Morden. Wrote a letter to the Tolworth folk who are at Herne Bay. Letter from Aunt Nellie saying Uncle Tom has got the flu and will not be coming Monday as promised. Met Cousin Doris and the new baby twice to-day.

12 Sat. Cold, very dull: less wind. Mrs. Conley, who did some cleaning here yesterday afternoon was taken seriously ill at her work in Wimbledon this morning. She seemed perfectly well here and was singing as she worked.

To Morden and elsewhere to buy a cake, came back and bought one in Coombe Lane price 1/5 for two units – they are counted in bread rationing. Bought fish locally.

29 April 2016

9th-10th Oct 1946: still-born, Dad on leave from Germany

9 Wed. Cold, very dull: rough E wind. Got the groceries, cooking apples, fish locally. Also to McAinsh’s to get a loaf of bread. Took the geraniums off dear Mother’s grave. I divided the big one into three, all well rooted, and planted into pots. Conley’s have got a piano and I went to see it. Post a large parcel and two post-cards.

10 Thur. Cold, very dull, raging bitter NE wind. Spent the morning trying to buy two flower pots but failed. I even went to Hamptons at Coombe Hill, but even they cannot get them. Met Mrs. Conrade who told me that Joan had had a still-born baby. I was very sorry. She said Harold was home on leave but would return to Germany in a few days. Bought a few things locally. Re-made, stained and polished an oak picture frame and mounted a beautiful cornfield landscape picture. Shall get the glass tomorrow: I did not.

28 April 2016

7th-8th Oct 1946: cycle lamp battery lights gas-lamp bedroom

7 Mon. Morning frost, rather cold day; a little hazy sunshine in afternoon: calm. Bought flex wire, a cycle-lamp battery and bulb and paraffin oil locally. To Morden cats meat shop. Bought miniature lamp holder at Merton. Ted & Beryl Spranklin Green called in evening to collect a Badminton outfit from the wardrobe cupboard we are minding for them.

8 Tues. Rather cold, dull, cloudy. Bought fish locally. Fitted a miniature electric light and switch in Ciss’ room. It is run from a cycle lamp battery with a brightly polished aluminium reflector behind the lamp, the illumination is surprisingly good. The roses in Hamptons Nursery beds at Coombe Hill are full of bloom, considering the lateness of the season.