25 May 2016

25th-26th Nov 1946: Christmas cards...

25 Mon. Rather cold, dull, very heavy showers. Made a new speech coil of somewhat higher resistance. To Merton in afternoon to buy cats meat. Posted parcel to Chas. Staden. Cycled home from Merton in a deluge. Doreen & Terry were drenched coming home from school and could not get indoors as their mother was out so they came in here very, very wet.

26 Tues. Very cool, some sunny periods, stiff S.W. breeze. Made new loud-speaker cone. Landlord called. To Wimbledon in afternoon: bought Xmas cards at Woolworths, where I met Mrs. Jordan who said Teddy Green, her daughter’s husband was very ill. Laurie & Donald brought some meat for the cats.

24 May 2016

23rd-24th Nov 1946: radio times

23 Sat. Rather cold, dull, heavy rain commencing in afternoon. To Wimbledon along rail path in afternoon. Bought saccharin at Boots, a birthday card for Mrs. Matson at Woolworths, fish locally also a tube of glue. Experimented with two sets coupled to one aerial: a great increase in signal strength but much flatter in tune. Wrote letter to Chas. Staden enclosing it in a box with the L.W. coil ready for posting on Monday.

24 Sun. Rather cold, very dull, rain all day. Did not go out. John Child called in evening: showed him a few things – the micrometer etc and tuned in 3 U.S.A. stations on the short waves.

23 May 2016

21st-22nd Nov 1946: wash & polish for floor

21 Thur. Rather mild. Some surprising sunny periods between showers, very rough and a flash of lightning in early evening. To butchers and greengrocers in morning: bought fish & a paper in Wimbledon in afternoon. Posted three letters including one for Miss Perkins in the Argentine. Finished re-winding long-wave coil for Chas. Staden, needs mounting now. The three children called; gave Gwennie a dark blue pixie cap.

22 Fri. Cold, cloudy: bitter wind. Did the usual shopping locally, also to Morden to buy cats’ meat; bought a torch bulb at Woolworths’ there. Washed & polished dining room floor & did the dusting. Mounted Chas. Staden’s L.W. coil on its socket, tested and passed O.K.

22 May 2016

19th-20th Nov 1946: experiments with coils

19 Tues. Rather cold, dismal, misty, rain all day. Bought fish locally. Wrote & posted a letter to Uncle Tom. Gwennie & Laurie called: showed them some experiments with a magnet a battery and a coil of wire.

20 Wed. Mild for November: rain most of the day. One gleam of sunshine in afternoon with half a rainbow. Got the groceries locally, also bought fish and a tin of salmon in Morden. The three children called with some meat for the pussies. Started re-winding the long wave coil for Rev Chas. Staden.

21 May 2016

17th-18th Nov 1946: bottled goosberries

17 Sun. Rather cold, very dull, rain most of the day. Went to baby Margaret’s christening party. A nice tea with jelly, blanc-mange*, bottled gooseberries and cream. Cousin Maud was there and Gwennie, Laurie and Donald were very lively.

18 Mon. Bitterly cold, dismal, piercing SW wind. Unwound Chas Staden’s long-wave coil with a view to re-winding as it was coming to pieces. To Merton to buy cats meat. The three children called.

*Fred often hyphenates words which have since become one, without a hyphen

20 May 2016

15th-16th Nov 1946: former air-raid shelter friends

15 Fri. Rather cold, dull, rain later. Did the usual shopping: got steak at butchers. Fish at Morden. Washed & polished dining room floor. Met Mrs. Stansfield who said her husband had retired: we got to know them at the air-raid shelter. Paid a short visit to see how Mrs. Conley is getting on. She had haemorrhage of the brain. She must take things very easy,

16 Sat. Rather cold, very dull, misty. Bought fish in morning. Also in afternoon bought glass paper and Bismarck brown* locally. Did a bit of house & window cleaning. Aunt Liza called. Told Gwennie I would accept her mother’s invitation to go to tea with them tomorrow. Fitted the re-wound R & A output transformer and found it works. Shall put it into the cabinet to test it for quality of reproduction: it seems promising.

*used for staining live cells, says Wikipedia. Perhaps this was for model aircraft's thin tissues? Perhaps there will be a later reference.