6 February 2016

30th-31st May 1946: fish and music

30 Thur. Very mild to rather warm; the wind is now SW: some pleasant sunshine. To butchers. Bought a dozen zinnias at Merton and planted them on Dear Mother’s grave. Gwennie & Laurie called when we were having dinner. I gave Gwennie a piece of my sausage meat – she liked it: children love to have a piece from off a grown-up’s plate.

31 Fri. Rather cool, cloudy, rain till late afternoon: stiff cool breeze. To butchers, bakers etc. all local shops: bought nice piece of smoked cod fillet 1/10. Played the two Beethoven Sonatas also made another rather better attempt at the Waldstein.

5 February 2016

28th-29th May 1946: aeroplanes, roses & jam

28 Tues. Cool, dull, rainy morning: mild sunny afternoon. Bought mustard seed. Bought fish in Wimbledon. Gave Laurie a book of aeroplanes.

29 Wed. Becoming very mild; drizzle till late afternoon when the weather cleared up a little. Got the groceries including a 2 lb. tin of melon and ginger jam: sounds attractive. The three children called: Gwennie got a promise out of me that I would give her some roses to take to her teacher when I have got more in bloom: that is a pleasure any way. The rose at the front door looks nice to-day.

4 February 2016

26th-27th May 1946: deluge!

26 Sun. Rather cool, dismal, grey, overcast; a few spots of rain. A number of children called. Did not go out.

27 Mon. Rather cool after a night of deluge: dull & cloudy but a little sunshine late in the day. Bought fish at Morden. Prepared ground for & sowed mixed cornflower seeds. Had to tie up some plants in the garden beaten down by last night’s deluge.

3 February 2016

24th-25th May 1946: sentiment & romance

24 Fri. Rather cool, dreary grey day. Did usual shopping locally also to Morden. Bought “Mammoth Orange” calendula seeds: sowed some. Looked through a large number of old letters they always affect me and make me romantic. The three children called, Gwennie in her Girls Life Brigade uniform – very important.

25 Sat. Rather cold, stiff fresh breeze, a few feeble gleams of sunshine in morning. To Morden, Cheam and Malden after cats food but got none. Bought some at Merton later. Bought a white gardenia hat flower at Woolworths for Ciss. Had myself weighed at Woolworths 10st 10lbs in my overcoat. Sowed cress seed. Took daffodil bulbs from Mother’s grave; planted a white geranium; will plant other summer flowers soon.

1 February 2016

22nd-23 May 1946: manure and cake

22 Wed. Very mild; pleasant sunny day: little wind. Got the usual groceries locally. Bought birthday card for Uncle Tom also fish among other things. Bought hop manure for garden and applied some before sowing crimson globe beet seed. Finished the lawn: looks nice. Gwennie, Laurie and Donald brought some of their mother’s birthday cake.

23 Thur. Very mild, some hazy sunshine, pleasant. To Merton to buy 8 tomato plants – Moneymaker: they cost 5/-. Planted same in afternoon in a bed of Wakeley’s Hop Manure. Gwennie & Laurie called: Gwennie is getting more playful than ever. Got the groceries also to butchers. Posted letter & birthday card to Uncle Tom. Bought fish for pussies.

31 January 2016

20th-21st May 1946: £5 1s 6d rent

20 Mon. Mild, cloudy: wind in E and still cool. To Morden to buy cats food: also bread & fish paste locally. Paid Mr. Farley £16.5.0 for repairs and repolishing furniture. Paid the landlord £5.1.6 for rent. Erected double row of bean rods and dug hop manure into the ground. Laurie called: gave him Gwennie’s birthday card to take home: Gwennie will give it to her mother tomorrow.

21 Tues. Mild, some nice sunshine in afternoon: a great improvement. To Wimbledon to buy packet of vegetarian rissole mixture: I use it as a filling when making minced meat. Sowed Carter Scarlet Emperor runner beans. Applied hop manure where I shall sow lettuce and beetroot. Dug over where I intend to plant tomatoes and started cutting the lawn.