6 December 2016

13th-16th Oct 1947: smooth bike... exquisite Gwennie

13 Mon. Very mild, dull, calm. Did quite a lot of work on 22 ins. wing for new small spar model. Donald called. To Merton to the cats meat shop. Dear Gwennie called; she trimmed up the jasmine with the secateurs so I gave her a penny: oh, she is exquisite. To pay the Slate Club in evening.

14 Tues. Slight frost morning, also foggy morning and night; mild, dull day. Repaired a broken bedroom chair. Out to fish shop. Visited Mr. Conrade, Mrs. was ill in bed unfortunately. Donald called; he said he was going to take his pedal car to Rudge-Whitworth’s to have a new tyre put on – he meant of course Mr Whitbourne’s shop. Small amount of work on small spar model.

15 Wed. Morning frost, mild day with a small amount of hazy sunshine. Got the groceries in morning also bought vinegar and fish. To Tolworth in afternoon. Found Dad a little better than when I last saw him. The longest cycle ride since I fitted the new chain and sprockets. I felt the benefit, and my bike is so silent smooth and easy running as to be miles an hour faster. Dad came out to see my bike and was surprised how the chromium plated chain wheel brightened up its appearance.

16 Thur. Mild, dull, little wind. To Merton to buy a few things at Boots the Chemists: met Arthur Swift: other shopping locally. Gwennie brought baby Margaret and she came in and did not cry this time; indeed she had a morsel of cake: sweetheart! Finished writing a letter to Fred Fraine. Shaping up the ribs of new spar model.

5 December 2016

9th-12th Oct 1947: buy brandy for your Dad says doctor... while our Fred longs for Annie Chapman

9 Thur. Mild, very dull; little wind. Took 3 speed hub down, cleaned, adjusted and re-fitted. Took cycle to have a new chain fitted. To station to buy a paper, returning along the little rail path.

Brandy for Dad... just what the doctor ordered!
10 Fri. Becoming rather warm in afternoon – just over 70 degs, some pleasant sun. To butcher’s, fish shop, newspaper & sweet shop. Bought a nice cake. To the Leather Bottel to buy some brandy for Dad as the doctor has ordered it. To cycle shop to get cycle, it has been fitted with a new chain. Three short rides to give it a trial: shall have to find a way to keep the new chain-wheel tight. The running is so silent, smooth and easy it is a pleasure to ride.

11 Sat. Very mild, but only a small amount of sunshine: pleasant. To post office where I bought a birthday card for Laurie and a plastic model of a Green Line bus for him: he is 7 tomorrow. Also bought fish. To Wimbledon Common in afternoon with Chas., Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and Leonard Conley to fly model aero. Made very many excellent flights without mishap. The last light was a take-off from the ground and was best of all. Mrs Jordan to tea, she gave me a shilling and a nice tie for repairing her clock.

12 Sun. Very mild, much sunshine which became very bright and warm in afternoon: a really lovely day almost like summer. It is Laurie’s birthday and he is seven, the three of them came morning and evening bringing some birthday cake: Laurie was wearing his bus conductor’s set – a present. In afternoon cycled round Wimbledon Common hoping to see some modellists but only a man with a toy one was there and that would not go. Met Laura Ashenden and walked a little way with her. Saw dear Annie Chapman; she does not seem to recognise me now, I have aged such a lot since we were in the choir and went on the church outings. I once gave her a ride on the step of my bike: I long to speak to her again.

4 December 2016

5th-8th Oct 1947: "I was in heaven..."

5 Sun. Morning frost & thick white fog, clearing by afternoon when the sun came through: fine calm afternoon. The usual crowd of children called. To Wimbledon Common in afternoon. Flew model aero. under good conditions. Every one of the very many flights made was good, some almost perfect. Being calm I was able to judge, for the first time, the performance of this model and various slight modifications would make it a really first rate flyer. Mrs Akroyd came to supper.

6 Mon. Cold, dull morning becoming mild, sunny and calm in afternoon. Did shopping locally in morning. Got accumulator from Whitbourn’s, also took the driving part of my three-speed gear to have a new sprocket fitted. Gave Donald 4 lbs of green tomatoes for his mother to make into chutney. Ciss went to see Uncle Tom & Aunt Nellie who sent me a sausage roll. I wrote him a letter. Played pin-board with Ciss at night.

7 Tues. Less cold morning, lovely warm sunny afternoon, calm and rather close but I like it like that. Donald called many times. Walked to Merton in afternoon to buy cats meat. Dear Gwennie called in afternoon and she was lovely; she sang Sunday School hymns to my piano accompaniment and I was very happy. I stripped the fuselage of aero. and re-covered with emerald green tissue.

8 Wed. Still very mild, 69 degs. in afternoon, very dull and calm. Water-tightened and doped the aero. fuselage: good. Got the groceries locally. To Whitbourn’s to get my 3 speed hub centre sprocket with new 19 tooth ½ ins pitch sprocket attached. Fitted it into back wheel and replaced into cycle: needs only a new chain to complete the job. Donald called: he was intrigued with the discarded old sprocket. Gwennie called in afternoon and sang to my accompaniment: I was in heaven: precious! Short walk in evening.

3 December 2016

1st-4th Oct 1947: tortoise goes home... for the winter

1 Wed. Very cold dull morning, fine, mild, sunny, calm afternoon. Got the groceries and other requisites locally. Cycled to Worcester Park and N Cheam in afternoon. Plenty of Donald to-day. Posted letter to Uncle Tom. Drew out a plan for a 23 ins span wing for the small spar aeroplane.

2 Thur. Slight morning frost but becoming mild by afternoon; less sun: windy later. The tortoise is still about and the nights are cold. I put him in a box of earth and leaves but found it could climb out, so I made a temporary pen on the lawn to put it in until I could find its owner. I enquired in Bronson Rd. and found it belonged at 81 but no one was at home. However, the lady next door at 79 said she would tell them to ask at 66 Chestnut. A young man Roy Eves called in evening and was glad to retrieve his pet. We knew the Eves family and he knew my name. Roy said he had three tortoises and this one was eight years old. He has a little house for them in the garden but he takes them indoors during the winter. To butchers in morning also other shopping locally. Bought liver for cats, fluxite and solder at Merton in afternoon. Spent hours during the day and evening repairing the ball valve, plunger and rubber of the lavatory cistern. Dear Gwennie called and was lovely.

3 Fri. Cold, becoming mild, a few periods of sunshine. To the butchers, bakers, fish shop, sweets and news shops, chemists and to buy paraffin oil. The children called. Laid a nice tea as I was expecting Mrs. Jordan but she did not come. More fitting of new chain wheel to bike: quite a lot of filing to do.

4 Sat. Cold, becoming mild by afternoon when the sunshine was pleasant: little wind. Managed to finish the shopping in morning so had the afternoon free. Took the geraniums off Mother’s grave, potted them and brought them indoors as we are getting night frosts now. A short ride round Wimbledon Common in afternoon: it was very pleasant there. Aunt Liza called.

2 December 2016

27th-30th Sept 1947: attacked by boys; little Gwennie unwell

27 Sat. Cold dull morning, fine mild sunny afternoon, calm. To Wimbledon to buy fish in afternoon, Gwennie & Laurie called. Coming home from Cannon Hill Common with some acorns on a little truck they were attacked by boys who took some away. They called here as Gwennie was very upset and unwell; I thought she would faint. A cup of water, a rest, a piece of cake, pear and some sweets and a biscuit with jam on it eventually put her right again. I love her a million times better than anyone else in the world. Ciss took the clock I repaired for Mrs. Jordan back to her.

28 Sun. Rather cool, dull. The childish scrawl letter I received yesterday was addressed by Doreen and written by little Kenny Noriss: I thanked him for it; I regard it as an honour. Went to the Harvest Festival in the evening and was greatly cheered: met Harold Rogers. Wrote letter to Dad who is at Herne Bay.

29 Mon. Becoming mild, nice fine, sunny afternoon. Laurie & Donald most of the day. Gwennie called later with Valerie and Janet, dear little girls from Bushey Road. Bought fish and black enamel locally; also bought a postal order. Polished the fork crown of my bike, it had become rusty – looks nice now.

30 Tues. Rather cold, but some nice sunshine in afternoon, calm. Did some local shopping. Trued up and tightened the spokes of back wheel of cycle – much better. Took accumulator and bought a file to be used in fitting the new chain wheel to cycle. Laurie & Donald helped me pick the remaining tomato crop – 34 lbs. I then pulled up the plants as ground frosts threaten.

1 December 2016

23rd-26th Sept 1947: clcocksmith... I love Gwennie... Ciss in Herne Bay

The left-hand semi-detached bungalow... 3, Cobbler's Bridge Road, Herne Bay.
This is where Ciss stayed with the family, opposite the railway yard,
 and backing on the railway, to nthe delight of young 'Anthony'
23 Tues. Rather cold, some weak sunshine, nasty wind. Bought Golden Harvest daffodil bulbs in Wimbledon in morning also fish. Ciss went to Herne Bay this morning; Dad, Alb, Lily and Anthony are already there. Laurie & Donald played pin-board. Gwennie came later; I read to her. She did not want to go home and she cried; I think there was some sort of trouble: I expect she had been a bit naughty. I love her a lot. Finished assembling Mrs. Jordan’s clock and got it going very well. (I hope.)

24 Wed. Rather cold, some sunshine; cold N wind. Got the groceries and fish locally. Mrs Jordan’s clock is going perfectly. Laurie & Donald was here almost all day. Gwennie came later with some leaves to make a winter bed for the tortoise. It came out this afternoon but soon went back to bed: the children are very interested. Gwennie sang hymns to me and I was charmed: bless the dear love. Started adapting a standard Rudge-Whitworth chain wheel to fit my bike: I hope to fit a new standard chain if I can get a new back sprocket to fit.

25 Thur. Cold morning, milder later with some sun, little wind. Small amount of shopping locally and to Merton to buy cats meat. To see dear Mother’s grave it looks quite nice. There were some self-sown aster seedlings in early summer so I planted them out and they are in full bloom now. Dorothy Longhurst called bringing a table cloth for Ciss.

26 Fri. Cold morning to very mild afternoon; some lovely sunshine in afternoon: very rough indeed. Laurie & Donald in full evidence. Gwennie came and invited me to baby Margaret’s first birthday tea. I went. Cousin Maud was there. I sat beside dear Gwennie and had a happy time. Did all the usual Friday shopping. Did quite a lot of house cleaning. Cousin Alf called in evening. A letter delivered by hand came through the letter box for me. It was addressed in childish printing and the letter inside was just scrawl – a love letter I hope: I do not know the sender but I hope to find out and thank them. Ciss came home at 10.30 p.m. from Herne Bay where she has been staying with Dad, Alb, Lily and Anthony.