28 May 2015

28th May 1945: in tune

28 Mon. Very cool, very dull, rain afternoon. Did a lot of shopping locally, also to Wimbledon to buy fish. Joan Storey and Alec called in evening and brought some eggs and a high tension battery from Harold. Mr. Lane tuned the piano which is in much better trim than for some time. To pay Slate Club.

27 May 2015

27th May 1945: making a noise

27 Sun. Very cool to very mild; dull, fairer later. Most of the Norris family came in to make a noise on the instruments. Helped Addie Veale to lift two of the heavy corrugated steel arches out of her Anderson shelter: four more to come out. Gentle cycle ride round the new roads of Worcester Prk and Motspur Prk to see the gorgeous display of roses in the front gardens: they are magnificent.

26 May 2015

26th May 1945: Victory tea, dancing in the streets

26 Sat. Very cool, rain till 4 p.m. then a little finer for a short while. Cycled to N. Cheam to buy fish. Also bought vegetables locally. In afternoon to Morden to buy haricot beans and dried peas. Tried vainly to buy a cake. Got accumulators and bought prepared canvas to repair cycle tyre. The Chestnut Rd. Victory children’s tea to-day. Tea was served in the Salvation Army Hall and children’s races held in the road. At night the road was gay with coloured lights and bright lights hung above the road while people danced to a piano and an accordion. I did not go to see, but a platform was erected as if a concert was going to be held.

25 May 2015

25th May 1945: a new cleaner?

25 Fri. Slight morning frost, cool morning, very mild afternoon with some pleasant sunshine. Got the meat, beef, this week, also some buns, sweets, some herrings etc. Thinned out the seedlings. A woman came in this afternoon to do some cleaning to the house. Connie Freeman and Ann Cole came in to amuse themselves on the piano and organ.

24 May 2015

24th May 1945: paper birds for the girls

24 Thur. Rather cold, very dull, but a little fairer and milder in evening. Put back outer cover of cycle on front wheel and vice versa as the back cover has worn somewhat. Gwennie and Laurie called. Made paper birds beaks for Evelyn Baden-Powell and Nita Hart. Little Ann Cole who lives in Bronson Rd fell over in this road and cut her knee badly so I carried her through the house and put her over the fence at the back to her mother: poor little dear. Aunt Liza called. Mrs. Jordan called; she had not previously seen this road since the doodle-bug fell. Alan McAinsh called to say his wife had a baby girl to-day. He played the piano; a far better player than I. Gave him some flowers for Marjorie his wife.

23 May 2015

23rd May 1945: fish cakes and roses

23 Wed. Very mild becoming very cool. Rain nearly all day; some thunder in afternoon. Got the groceries in morning, also to Morden to buy cats’ meat. Made some nice fish cakes. Helped Addie Veale to take a bit more of her shelter down. Posted letter, birthday card and Postal Order to Uncle Tom. Cousin Maud called in evening; gave her some roses.