31 March 2015

31 March 1945: Easter Saturday

'Cycled to Cheam'. Routes on modern Google map.
Say about an hour's cycling and two hours in
a queue. Then Morden in the afternoon.
The day soon goes!
31 Sat. Very cool, dull and cloudy, terrible raging sou’wester, Cycled to Cheam in morning and queued up for two hours, but I got some good meat. My long wait was made delightful by a little girl named Brenda and a school-girl named Jean Kay (Hay?). God bless them and make them happy. Also to butchers. In afternoon did shopping in Morden, bought two cakes at Merton Park, also shopping locally. Took out all the tin tacks remaining in sitting-room floor in preparation for laying new floor covering.

30 March 2015

30 March 1945: three fish queues on Good Friday

30 Good Friday. Rather mild but a driving chilly wind; the sun was nice in sheltered places. Stood in two fish queues for nothing but got served at a third shop. Mrs. Veale, her mother and Dennis have gone away till Tuesday so I am looking after the cat and the dog and have the key of the house. Took a bottle of tablets to Mr. Akhurst in afternoon.

29 March 2015

29 March 1945: caught no fish... tanks across the Rhine

29 Thur. Rather mild, cloudy; showers. Further repairs to the fence. Spent the afternoon cycling to all the fish shops for miles around but caught nothing, but notices say they will be open tomorrow. Saw dear Annie Chapman in Worple Road pushing a pram. Met Mrs. Conrade who told me Eddie’s house at Clapham had been damaged by a rocket; they were out at the time. The news from the Western Battle Front gets better and better. British tanks are pushing ahead 80 miles east of the Rhine!

28 March 2015

28 March 1945: Maud arrives

28 Wed. Rather mild, dull all day; showers. Did all the usual Wed. shopping, also to Merton meat shop. Cousin Maud came; she will stay over the holiday. Warning from 7.53 to 7.58 a.m. no incident.

27 March 2015

27 March 1945: oranges and lemons...

27 Tues. Mild, dull morning, some gentle sun later. To post office, to take and get accumulators. To Merton to buy fish. To butchers. Got some grapefruit from Joe Wheeler: we have also had oranges and lemons from him recently. Put in another fence post. Maud will stay here over the holiday and Chas. brought a bedstead here and fitted it up. At 12.30 a.m. two loud rockets or one with a double explosion – about four seconds between the bangs. Warning from 2.45 to 2.52 a.m. no incident. Also from 5.20 to 5.30 a.m. two flying bombs in SSE. Loud rocket ENE at 7.19 a.m.

26 March 2015

26 March 1945: Mr Akhurst stands in for a 'man'

26 Mon. Cool, dull all day, rain all morning. To Wimbledon in afternoon to buy fish and a paper. To Slate Club in evening; had a talk to Mr. Akhurst, he is acting as church-keeper until they can get a man. Warning from 2.30 to 2.36 a.m. one flying bomb down very distant in S.