16 January 2017

Fred's family photo: 5½" x 4"

Austin Wilson's studio, 142 Trinity St, Upper Tooting.
Pencil reference on plain reverse: 215

16th Jan 1948: Dad's pocket watch

16 Fri. Cold, dull, less wind. Got a nice piece of beef also suet and a tin of liver paste at the butchers. Got a date pudding in a tin at Johnsons. Bought cats meat at Merton; came home via Morden; saw some nice new bikes in a shop. Dad’s watch which I inherited has not gone since I took it, but I looked at it to-day and found it had run down so it must have been going in my pocket: I wound it up & it seems to be all right now. Designed a new 41 ins wing for the large model.

15 January 2017

Fred's family photos X: dancing... and skipping in cloche hats

15th Jan 1948: food parcel promised from Australia

15 Thur. Cold, clear, some pale sun in afternoon; biting wind: foggy at night. To fish shop, also got liver at butchers. Small amount of preparation work in garden but the ground is almost like a quagmire. Letter from Uncle Tom. Letter from Capt. Marshall from Germany; he is having a food parcel sent from Australia to me. Joan has a baby – Michael.

14 January 2017

Fred's family photos IX: Sports on the green

14th Jan 1948 Salmon (hallelujah!) and tonsils

14 Wed. Cold, clearer, chilly wind. To get the groceries at Eyles’: bought a tin of salmon (loud cheers). The little girl Jean & her mother were in there: a sweet little 2 year old auburn haired girl who makes friends with everyone. Bought fish and a paper. Gwennie & Laurie called. Donald went into hospital to-day to have his tonsils out.