28 November 2015

10-12th Feb 1946: errands and painting

10 Sun. Rather cold, becoming rather mild; clear, sunny day: calm. Mr Norris cut back the ash tree at the bottom of the garden.

11 Mon. Rather cold, rather windy: in places sheltered from the wind the sun had some warmth in it. Bought fish and saccharin at Morden. Bought a paint brush locally. Got Ciss’ shoes from Essam’s. Took Alan McAinsh’s watch back after it had been repaired at Tolworth: saw Jeanette’s large dolls house her father made. Started painting in living room: did panels of door and cupboard and the wall beneath the chain rail a nice shade of golden brown.

12 Tues. Very cool, very dull, humid, calm. To Merton to buy fish pieces for cats. Posted letter to Betty Shepherd who is ill. Gwennie and Donald brought some meat for Dinky. Finished all the light brown paintwork and started doing outer panels of cupboard door and surround in a chocolate colour.

27 November 2015

9th Feb 1946: the cat came back

9 Sat. Very cold, bitter NW wind; clear, much bright sunshine. Finished putting lining paper on walls of living room. Cycled to Wimbledon in the bitter wind to buy sprats; also did some shopping locally. The Calvers who lived at No. 70 at the time the flying bomb fell and almost destroyed their house have recently returned, their house being completely rebuilt. I had the great pleasure of seeing ‘Tin-tin’, their large black cat who came back with them and came to me when I called him and showed unmistakeable signs of pleasure: he seemed to remember me and was not at all afraid. Cats are wonderful: I hope to enjoy his company and to improve his acquaintance.

26 November 2015

7-8th Feb 1946: 'a cheerful Christian'

7 Thur. Mild, 54 degrees, dull, stiff SW breeze. More work preparing painted surfaces in living room. Bought cats meat at Merton.

8 Fri. Mild, very dull, rain, wind still raging. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping without going out of the district. Met Arthur Swift; he had just been to the funeral service for the late Mr Holland who will be missed: he was a cheerful Christian. Started to paste lining paper on living room walls below the chain-rail: it will subsequently be painted.

25 November 2015

6th Feb 1946: Amen

6 Wed. Rather mild, dull, less wind. Got the groceries as usual, also hunted the district and finally bought fish at Merton. Met Miss Wilson (Wiseman?) who told me Mr Holland was dead: aged 87 he was a grand old man and a cheerful Christian whose Amen and Praise the Lord will be missed from the congregation of the Church. He came to tea here when Dad came for a short stay last summer. Dear Gwennie called after her illness which has been quite serious. However, she was in brilliant spirits and seemed glad to get out again for a short while: I do love her.

24 November 2015

4-5th Feb 1946: windy

4 Mon. Rather cold, fitful weather with rain squalls of violence with a few short periods of bright sunshine. Cycled to Morden, Merton, Haydons Rd Wimbledon and came back empty-handed but bought some fish cuttings at a shop just round the corner. Paid the club in evening.

5 Tues. Rather cold; wind of great violence, dull. To Wimbledon to buy cats meat. To Morden to buy gloss paint in two shades of brown to do the paint-work in the living room. Repaired the cupboard door in the living room it was broken in the bombing and never repaired.

23 November 2015

1st-3rd Feb 1946: brolley repaired... cycle puncture... Gwennie ill

1 Feb. Fri. Rather cold becoming less so: dull, very rough. Did some more house-cleaning, washed the living-room floor. Got the usual Fri. morning provisions, also to Morden to buy a few things. To Wimbledon in afternoon to get Ciss’ umbrella from Trotts who have repaired it. Punctured back tyre on my way there and had to walk cycle back; did so along rail path. Put up the remainder of the pictures in living room.

2 Sat. Rather mild for season but the strong wind made it feel cold. Fitful clouds and heavy showers & a little intermittent sunshine. To Wimbledon along rail path: bought sprats also ammonia liquid. Dorothy Longhurst came to tea and stayed to supper. She is just demobilised from the ATS. She has not been here for some time and she seemed to enjoy herself.

3 Sun. 54 degrees but the gales made it feel cold; dull, rain all day. Quite a crowd of children called to-day. Little Gwennie has been very ill and although she is better to-day will have to go into hospital.