27 November 2014

27th November 1944: gas iron for young widow

27 Mon. Cold, dull morning, some weak sun later. More stripping of wallpaper in sitting room. Did some shopping locally. Bought fish in Wimbledon. Further repairs to fence for Mrs. Veale. She borrowed our gas-iron. Also she got me to witness a document for her in respect of her late husband’s will. I am deeply sorry for her: she is a dear girl: Mr. Veale went down with H.M.S. Isis he was 34, A brave man: we knew him. Rocket at 11.15 p.m. in NE

HMS Isis (notes from Wikipedia): Isis took part in the evacuation of Greece in April 1941. On 19 February 1943 she and the frigate HMS Hursley and a Vickers Wellington medium bomber-attacked and sank the German submarine U-562 in the Mediterranean Sea northeast of Benghazi.
Isis was hit in 1941 off BeirutLebanon after the Battle of Crete. She pursued two Vichy French destroyers which escaped. A Junkers Ju 88 aircraft then attacked and severely damaged her. Hero tried to tow her HaifaPalestine. The tow rope snapped, but the engines were started and she successfully reached Haifa.
Isis struck a mine and sank off the Normandy landing beaches on 20 July 1944.

26 November 2014

26th November 1944: friend went to Holland and Belgium

26 Sun. Severe white frost: cloudy day. Ron Cooper came to tea. He told me of his air trip to Holland and Belgium and of how he stayed with the Burgomaster of Brussels, showing me many photographs. Cousin Len and his wife paid us a visit while Ron was here. The sitting room ceiling looks nice in daylight.

25 November 2014

25the November 1944: boiled beef... and good neighbours

25 Sat. Rather cold but bright sunny day. Warning from 4.55 to 5.10 a.m. one down between S and SE. To Cheam meat shop in morning, bought some for Mrs Veale as well as my own. Cooked a nice boiled beef dinner. Mrs Veale helped me to put up part of her fence blown away at the time of the bombing. Put another coat of whitewash on sitting room ceiling.

24 November 2014

24th November 1944: home and gardens

24 Fri. Rather mild; cloudy. Helped Mrs Veale to clear her garden of debris and also cleared ours as well. Bought meat and other provisions locally. Also to Smaldons to buy more ceiling white and blue. Whitewashed the sitting room ceiling: it may require another coat.

23 November 2014

23rd November 1944: more decorating after bombing

23 Thur. Rather mild, dull morning, sunny afternoon. Bought envelopes locally, then to chemists at Morden. To Morden in afternoon to buy fish. Finished removing old paper from drop ceiling of sitting room, filled up holes with plaster and gave the ceiling a coat of size. From 1.0 to 1.25 a.m. no incident. Rocket at 2.0 a.m. in E.

22 November 2014

Fred's Dad, 110 years ago

Sunday School Outing to Oxshott, 1904

Back: Mrs Laurence, Mrs Blackman, Mr Barrett, Miss Chapman, Mr F French, Miss Hay,
Mr Bond, Miss Waller, Unknown.
Front: Mr Walden, Miss Seeley, Miss Yalden, Miss Read, Miss Ringwood, Mr Dawson