4 October 2015

31st Oct-1st Nov 1945: flowers & music

31 Wed. Rather mild, lovely bright sunshine most of the day; calm. Got the groceries as usual. To dear Mother’s grave, took off the geraniums and antirrhinums and planted forget-me-nots. Walked beside Beverleigh Brook in afternoon and brought back two briar cuttings which I planted in garden. Gwennie & Laurie called.

1 Nov. Thur. Rather cold; fog night and morning but a little sunshine midday. To Wimbledon along rail path: met Willie Wilmot. Bought fish. Bought Xmas cards at Woolworth’s. Bought maple-meat at health food stores. Also Valse les Fleurs – Tchaikovsky for the piano at Woolworth’s. Heard Beethoven’s Pastoral.

3 October 2015

29th-30th Oct 1945: pinboard

29 Mon. Mild, showers in morning but some very bright sunshine in afternoon. To Merton to buy something at the chemists and to the catsmeat shop there. Cousin Maud called in evening and played on the pinboard.*

30 Tues. Very mild, perfectly lovely, calm sunny day. Walked along the rail path in lovely sunshine to Wimbledon to buy fish among other things. One of the large ugly goods engines C22 was in Wimbledon yard and went off with a load of trucks: the ugliest engine in the world. Gwennie and Donald called in afternoon.

*Pinboard. Fred's was a 2ft 6in (approx) board, laid almost flat on a table, with a curved far end slightly raised on a block. The circles of pins, surrounded shallow metal trays, with score values beside them, into which you aimed to get your bright silver-coloured metal ball, propelled by a beautifully-shaped handheld stick, which you pushed up an alley (formed by a low wooden wall) on the right. The far end of the board had an arched top, so the ball followed this around, the distance depending on the strength of your push. You could risk aiming for the gaps in the circles of pins, to reach high scrores, or bounce off other pins (actually thin nails firmly set in the wood). The balls could be annoying attracted to the gaps in the pins, and just collect in the low-value circles, and miss the trays! For storage, there was a sliding wooded cover over an alley at the foot of the board - this is where the balls were scored. Fred records some pinboard scores inside his diaries front and back covers - his and Ciss's highest scores for the year. It was a well-used board.

2 October 2015

26th-28th October 1945: shop, shops, lawn and music

26. Rather cold, a few periods of sunshine, still very rough. Got all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally. Mrs. Conley came as usual to do some cleaning and brought Victor who has just had his foot taken out of plaster following and injury; Anne came later.

27 Sat. Rather cool, but brilliant sunny morning becoming dull later. Cycled to Cheam and got some meat with only a short queue. Also shopping locally. Gwennie and Laurie called, so did Mrs McAinsh, Jeanette and the baby. Cut the lawn, it had grown quite long.

28 Sun. Rather mild, very dull; rain on and off all day. Did not go out, nothing to record. Played Beethoven that is all.

1 October 2015

24th-25 October 1945: dismal days!

24 Wed. Very cool after rain; a few sunny intervals: very rough. Got the groceries as usual on Wed. Took a counterpane cover to Robins to be cleaned. The transformer bobbin is now ready to take the secondary winding.

25 Thur. Rather cold, dismal, severe rain storms; gales of wind. Wound the secondary on the output transformer: the laminations will have to be altered to fit it. To butchers in afternoon, thence to Merton to buy fish, returning by Merton Church yard to see dear Mother’s grave. Got as far back as Chase Station when I was overwhelmed in the most violent rain squall I have been in: got soaked through and had to change.

30 September 2015

22nd-23 October 1945: rough going

22 Mon. Mild for season but very rough wind. Alternate bright sunshine & showers. Took counterpane cover to cleaners but they could not take it. To Morden in afternoon to buy fish.

23 Tues. Rather cool, alternate sunshine and heavy showers; very rough. More playing of Beethoven’s piano sonatas. Along rail path to buy fish in Wimbledon.

29 September 2015

20th-21st October 1945: hard work breaking up matress

20. Mild fine sunny morning, cloudy afternoon. Cycled to Cheam but no meat so bought fish, also bought a cake there. Gwennie, Laurie and Aunt Liza called. Finished breaking up the old spring mattress.

21 Sun. Very mild, 65 degs: very dull rain. Dad, Alb, Lily and Anthony came to dinner and tea. Laurie called and went with Anthony to Sunday School. Mrs Akroyd also to tea.