22 May 2018

22nd May 1948: Sunday walk

22 Sun. Rather warm, lovely genial day of soft sunshine: but cooler, cloudy later, then rain. The children played pin board as usual, Kennie scored 775. Walked round Common Hill Common: saw the blue periwinkle.

21 May 2018

21st May 1948: New rug and lino

21 Sat. Very mild to rather warm, cloudy morning, lovely sunny afternoon: calm. In afternoon bought cats meat at Merton also four very good tomato plants “Ailsa Craig”. Planted them in evening. Also bought a new rug for the dining room and some cork lino for the passage. Went along rail path, saw Collins, rode home together on our bikes.

20 May 2018

20th May 1948: Diesel engine fails to start

20 Fri. Lovely mild, genial, sunny morning, but overcast later with rain and some thunder in afternoon. Got veal to-day. Bought cakes and fish but there are no sweets available. Tried to start my diesel engine but failed; I think the fuel has been standing too long. Started removing the paint off the stair heads as a preliminary to re-painting.

19 May 2018

19th May 1948: Finishing the Diesel T

19 Thur. Very mild, dull morning, genial sunny afternoon but overcast later. Had a fish and chip dinner as is usual on Thursday. Gave the Diesel T model its final glossy coat of oil & heatproof varnish which finishes the job. I shall run the motor experimentally as soon as possible. Leonard Conley saw me putting the finishing touches. Bought cakes at Walkling’s; served by the nice girl. Washed the parlour floor as part of the spring-cleaning programme. Short cycle ride in evening.

18 May 2018

18th May 1948: No sweets

18 Wed. Very mild, dull morning, slight showers; pleasant sunny afternoon. Got the groceries also fish locally. Tried to buy some sweets but the shops have none. Saw a little cricket at Merton – a good innings by a left-hander. Dug up a lot of bellbine in the garden in evening, especially as it was choking the gooseberries: it comes from the alleyway and under the fence.

17 May 2018

17th May 1948: Tidying up the garden

17 Tues. Becoming very mild by afternoon. Slight shower to begin the day: some sunny periods in afternoon. Bought fish and sweets in Wimbledon Did some tidying up in garden, also weeding and hoeing: sowed a few green peas given me by Anthony.