17 March 2018

17th March 1948: A knock on the door

17 Thur. Would have been rather mild but for a chilly boisterous wind.: some periods of weak sunshine. To Malden to buy fish pieces also bought two more lily bulbs and a root of pink phlox. Met Emily Garrod in this road; first time I have seen her since she moved to Stoneleigh. Planted the above bulbs and root. In late afternoon I answered a knock on the door. There stood a small boy and girl, smiling with brightly expectant eyes. “I don’t know you,” I said. “Oh yes you do,” they laughed. “What is your name, I said. “John Oliver and Pat.” I remember seeing them once or twice before: they do not live in this road. Why should they call so unafraid and happy? They seem to think they know me.

16 March 2018

16th March 1948: A lot of good work

16 Wed. Would have been rather now mild, but for a very boisterous wind: some sunshine in morning. Got the usual groceries in morning and a paper in afternoon and that is all the shopping I did. But I put in some good work in the garden, preparing a good sandy bed and planting four varieties of lilies: did some tidying up too. Did some good work shaping port side of new wing. Eileen who told me she will be five on Saturday was perfectly delightful and made me very happy.

15 March 2018

15th March 1948: Post-war queueing

15 Tues. Very cool, brilliant sunny day: chilly E wind. To the horse-meat shop at Colliers Wood. After queueing for 1½ hours I got some. Fitted wing tip and shoulder piece to new wing. Also fitted centre bay to port wing and set the dihedral angle. It looks more like a wing.

14 March 2018

14th March 1948: Gardening supplies

14 Mon. Very cool, dismal; rain all day, rather windy. Cycled to Merton, Colliers Wood and Tooting in the hope of buying cats meat. Bought fish pieces at Tooting then bought some cats meat at Merton on the way back. In afternoon posted a letter to Fred Fraine, also bought more potting sand and packets of lettuce, mustard and cress and beetroot seeds. Started to assemble port side of new wing. Sent Gwennie a letter and “quiz” which latter she returned to-day duly filled in.

13 March 2018

13th March 1948: Little Blue Rain-hood

13 Sun. Cool, dull, less wind: slight shower later. Some Sunday School children called: Ann had a new blue rain-coat with hood – a recent birthday present: she has a party to-day. Did not go out. Wrote a letter to Fred Fraine.

12 March 2018

12th March 1948: Tooting Cemetery

12 Sat. Cold, very dull, cold E wind. Cycled for miles trying to find cats meat but failed: bought fish pieces at Tooting. Had a walk in Tooting Cemetery: tried to find the grave of Aunt Florrie and Cousin Florrie but failed: I really must try again. I was very fond of little Cousin Florrie – we called her Cissie. Bought a dozen gladiolus bulbs at Faulkner’s Merton. More work on new wing.