12 December 2017

12th December 1948: A gloomy Sunday

12 Sun. Mild, dismal, some drizzle. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald called in morning and also in afternoon as did other children. Short walk in the gloom. Met Gwennie and came home with her.

11 December 2017

11th December 1948: A nice menu

11 Sat. Mild, very dull, rain all day. Made some nice soup in morning also a nice dinner & a sweet course. To Norman’s to buy more materials for aero. at Norman’s. Bought fish locally also posted a calendar and letter to Elsie in Canada. Did some good work to propeller and running gear of aero.

10 December 2017

10th December 1948: Get sweets, have visitors?

10 Fri. Cold, dull, windy, rain setting in at night. Got the meat – brisket in morning, also paid for the papers and got sweets, fish etc. Bought two small twist drills at Smalldon’s in afternoon. Gave Eileen & Kennie Provert sweets & a bun. Gwennie called in a somewhat larky mood. Made small part for propeller gear. Posted calendar letter from Ciss and myself and a photo. to Edie Bennett who is in South Africa.

9 December 2017

9th December 1948: Visiting Uncle Ben

9 Thur. Cold, dull, heavy rain, hail & a peal of thunder at night. Bought fish in Malden. Went to see Uncle Ben there in afternoon; he came out of hospital last Monday. He is very bad with asthma and had an attack while I was there. Went to tell Aunt Liza how he was. Made some more prints of the photo. Alb took in the summer of Ciss, Lily Anthony and myself outside of this house.

8 December 2017

8th December 1948: Dare I?

8 Wed. Rather mild, some pleasant sunshine in morning; dull, heavy rain setting in by evening. Got the groceries in morning. Bought saccharin in Firths the chemists and Joyce who serves there was very lovely this morning: I would love to send her a Xmas card: dare I? Gave a sweet to Eileen and John. Gwennie and Donald in afternoon: showed Gwennie a puzzle which I drew for her on a piece of paper. Finished carving 8½ ins prop. Fitted a new metal bush. Made prop shaft and fitted bearing to spar.

7 December 2017

7th December 1948: Knives and more knives

7 Tues. Rather mild but the stiff breeze made it seem colder. Dull but some sunshine in afternoon; rain later. Ciss had the day off from work and went to Wimbledon to buy some presents; she also bought a half-dozen tea knives and a half-dozen dinner knives – all of stainless steel. To butchers in the morning to buy sausage meat also lights for the cats. Planted a row of wallflowers and a row of crocuses in the front garden. Gwennie, Donald and Margaret called: they were all very good but Gwennie did not want to go home as usual. More work on the new 8½ ins prop.