19 April 2018

19th April 1948: Planting and watering

19 Tues. Very mild, plenty of moderate sunshine; a very stiff SW breeze. Had a fish and chips dinner. Bought whiting. Bought aubrietia and Dresden daisy: planted them. Sowed a row of “Campfire” marigold. Watered the grave. Watered the garden which is parched.

18 April 2018

18th April 1948: Easter tea party

18 Mon. Lovely, warm, sunny morning, cloudy periods later but the best Easter weather for 100 years. Alb, Lily, Anthony, Mrs. Matson and Mrs. Brown came to tea. Put the microphone in the front room and spoke and played into it to operate a loudspeaker in the dining room to amuse the visitors. Sowed strawberry seeds. Did not go out save to feed Conley’s cats, they, the Conleys, came home to-night.

17 April 2018

17th April 1948: Easter Sunday hottest for 100 years

17 Easter Sunday. Another lovely sunny day with little wind to spoil it. So far this holiday had had record good weather. The hottest for 100 years. Only four children called to-day. Am feeding Conley’s cat & kitten and playing with them on their lawn. To Church in evening.

16 April 2018

16th April 1948: A glorious day

16 Sat. Glorious, warm, sunny day: could hardly have been better. Queued up for lights at the butchers, also bought fish pieces for cats. Bought hop manure. Shall feed Conley’s cat and kitten over the holiday. Trimmed the evergreen hedges in front garden. Jennifer Dreas helped me sweep up the leaves: she was very nice; she makes a fuss of me and makes me happy so I gave her two sweets. Sowed beetroot seeds. Dug over a large part of garden.

15 April 2018

15th April 1948: Good Friday

15 Good Fri. Rather warm, lovely sunny day: as nice as possible for time of year. Went to Tolworth in afternoon. Miss Brewer took Anthony for an outing. She came into Alb’s with twin boys Kenneth and Graham. Alb gave me a packet of strawberry seeds. Took the little glider I made to Joey

14 April 2018

14th April 1948: Blue socks

14 Thur. Very mild, very fine, sunny day: even the stiff breeze did not spoil the day. Got the meat to-day. Also a pair of blue socks. Got cats meat at Merton. Bought veal stuffing, mixed herbs and steel wool also more nasturtiums seeds which I sowed. Also sowed lettuce seeds. Made a tiny glider for little Joey. Aunt Hannah called; Ciss gave her some curtains.