19 August 2017

20th August 1948: The first television set!

Mild, cloudy becoming dismal and very cool, only a sprinkling of rain. Got the meat and other rations locally then in afternoon to Morden to buy fish and a violin string. Saw a television set* working in the shop – the first I have seen. Gwennie called in morning the boys and Margaret in afternoon. Katie came back to-night after a weeks holiday at Worthing. The weather was very bad and she is glad to get back. She made me a present of a pair of cuff links.

*A 1948 Bush television, courtesy of  

18 August 2017

19th August 1948: Having a lark

Mild, cool at ends of day: some feeble sunshine. The three called: Gwennie decorated some poppy heads with coloured enamel. She came while I had dinner so gave her a little plate with a small dinner on it which she evidently enjoyed – it really was tasty. Laurie & Donald also came and we had a lark. Got Ciss’ shoes from repairers; also got fish & other things. Short cycle ride in evening.

17 August 2017

18th August 1948: Entertaining the children

Very mild by afternoon – cool at each end of day. Got the groceries and other things locally. Bought 4 lbs of lovely plums @ 6d per lb. All the children again. Gwennie & Laurie made two sets of dominoes out of cardboard also two little model houses with doors and windows. Margaret sat by me while I had dinner; I regaled her with tit bits from my plate: she is a little glutton and would always be eating: she had just had her own dinner. Cut the lawn. Short cycle ride in evening.

16 August 2017

17th August 1948: I do not play very hard...

Mild, rain, dull. All the children called. Gwennie came in afternoon and the rain kept her here which did not concern her in the least as she stayed to tea. I had previously played table tennis with her: she won both games. I do not play very hard of course.

15 August 2017

16th August 1948: Too old?

16 Mon. Very mild, some pleasant sunshine but a stiff breeze. The children called; played Sebastopol with them: Gwennie won. To Morden to buy fish. Took Ciss’ shoes for repair. Saw Arthur Child, Leonard Conley and a friend playing cricket on the playing fields: their friend was a very fast bowler. I bowled a few of my spinners at them but I am too old for cricket. Payed the Slate Club.

14 August 2017

15th August 1948: A happy time

15 Sun. Very mild, dull, cloudy. Ted & Beryl Green came to tea with their two boys Nigel and Terry: had a happy time. Only a short walk.