24 February 2018

24th February 1948: Fish and chips again

24 Thur. Rather mild, cloudy, slight showers, small amount of sun: still windy. Got fish and chips again to-day. It cost a shilling. Bought fish in Malden also two lily bulbs. Came home from Boys’ County School with Leonard Conley on our bikes. More work on the new wing.

23 February 2018

23rd February 1948: New curtains

23 Wed. Rather mild, cloudy; less wind. Got the groceries as usual on Wed. Also got fish and some very nice patterned rayon curtains. Called in to see Aunt Liza. More work cutting out ribs for the new wing. Showed Ann and Janet, Gwennie and Laurie’s letter.

22 February 2018

22nd February 1948: Violent and gusty

22 Tues. Rather mild, cloudy; the wind is very violent and gusty. To Wimbledon to buy cats meat. To Merton to buy fish, dried peas, lentils, haricot beans and seed tapioca. Met Alf’s Lily: Alf has not yet recovered from the flu. Some work building the new wing.

21 February 2018

21st February 1948: A letter from Scotland

21 Mon. Rather mild, cloudy morning, sunny afternoon, rain at night. A letter from Uncle Tom, also one from dear Gwennie and Laurie. Bought fish and a paper locally. Saw & heard a Conservative film on a mobile cinema outside the Conservative Club in Prince George Av. Started to make a wing for Diesel T.

20 February 2018

20th February: Missing Gwennie

20 Sun. 56 degrees in the shade 78 in the sun – lovely. The usual children called: I miss the Thompson’s especially Gwennie – of course. I long for her back again.

19 February 2018

19th February 1948: Alomost like summer

19 Sat. Another nice day; a cloudless sky and sunshine almost like summer. Bought fish in afternoon also “Abol” hop manure. Started to design a wing for Diesel T. Ciss had a letter from Doris in Scotland.