21 November 2017

21st November 1948: Testing the aero

21 Sun. Rather cold some sun in morning, misty later, calm. The children called as usual. Flew the 41 ins spar aero on Wim. Common but was not pleased, of course I always get some good flights. Mrs Akroyd came to tea.

20 November 2017

20th November 1948: A beautiful spectacle

20 Sat. Fine, bright sunny day, but cold with a fresh breeze. In morning to the woodyard to buy a fence paling price 1/7. In afternoon nailed to the fence to fill a gap which Norris’ dog gets through: it won’t get through now. Bought cats meat and fish at Merton. To Aunt Liza who asked me to buy a bunch of black grapes for Uncle Ben who is in hospital. Went to see the captive balloon in Worple Road. At night it was lit up by a searchlight – a beautiful spectacle: it is advertising a recruiting week for T.A. and Aux-R.A.F.

19 November 2017

19th November 1948: The barrage balloon

19 Fri. Rather mild, dull, a little more wind, rain later. Got the usual weekend shopping all locally. Gwennie called in morning and again in afternoon with Margaret. Showed them the barrage balloon which can be seen from the upstairs back windows: it is in a field in Worple Road. Planted a new gooseberry bush on a bed I have made up this week: I raised it from a cutting here.

18 November 2017

18th November 1948: Xmas puddings

18 Thur. Mild; actually 61 degs: dull, calm, slight suggestion of drizzle at times. To butchers. Cooked three Xmas puddings to-day for a duration of 5 hours. To Merton to buy cats meat. Met Doris Bridges, poor soul: I hope I cheered her: she is such a cripple with nerve disease.

17 November 2017

17th November 1948: Uncle Ben

17 Wed. Rather cold, fine sunny day, lovely but misty and drizzle at night. Got the groceries as usual on Wed. Also to Firths the chemists and was served by dear Joyce Ellis which is usual: bless her, she is lovely. Bought fish and also some hot winter gums at Davis served by Daisy which is usual. Eileen and Jean called they were lovely. Gwennie borrowed my ball. Went to Malden to inquire after Uncle Ben but got no reply so went next door. The lady told me he was in Victoria Hospital, Norbiton. Being on my bike I rode there and saw him. A very nice, small but comfortable place, I thought. I got there at tea time. He is in a very poor state with asthma and is very thin and run down. I don’t think much can be done for him, but he is well looked after and the rest should do him good. Told Aunt Liza I had seen him; she was rather worried as she had heard no news of him and did not know he was in hospital. Eileen and her brother Kennie called at dusk begging food; gave them a biscuit each. Drew out plan and started building tail of new spar aero.

16 November 2017

16th November 1948: Quacks-quacks!

16 Tues. Rather mild for season, very dismal, rain most of the day. Eileen and Jean called in morning. Bought fish and a paper locally in afternoon. Laurie and Margaret called in afternoon. Made paper “quack-quacks” for her: she was very good. Finished new 23 ins wing frame – needs covering and doping of course. A letter from Alb and one from Rev. Chas. Staden including a photo of him operating a talking film projector at his Church.