29 April 2017

29th April 1948: Katie the lodger's day

29 Thur. Fairly mild after a night of rain. Mostly dull and cloudy. Took Katie’s photograph in the garden. Got her groceries at Eyles and her soap ration at Smaldons. Bought fish for myself and cats locally. Took Katie’s shoes for repair. Gwennie and Margaret called. Small amount of work in garden. Met Mrs. and Doris Bradley. Developed the photo of Katie: it was fully exposed and is a good negative.

28 April 2017

28th April 1948: gales... queues... food poisoning

28 Wed. Rather mild, cool at each end of day: some sunshine but rain setting in later. The wind of gale force died down with the rain. Stood in a very long cats’ meat queue at Morden and eventually got some. Got the groceries locally. A letter from Aunt Nellie saying Uncle Tom was laid up with food poisoning. Gwennie and Laurie called; gave them two photos of themselves: they were pleased.

27 April 2017

27th April 1948: heavenly day

27 Tues. Very mild; lovely warm sunshine, cloudless sky all day; only a little wind which dropped at evening, which was heavenly. Cut the lawn: looks very nice for so early in the season. Bought fish locally also M.Q. developer. Twin red & black flex wire and metal polish in Wimbledon. More work putting up bean rods in evening. Took prints of the children’s group I took on Sunday, also of Alb, Lily, Hilary and Philip.

26 April 2017

26th April 1948: half-day off school for royal anniversary!

26 Mon. Mild, fine bright sunny day but the wind is still keen. Planted ferns and hypericum in the front garden, after much labour trying to break up the soil. Sowed more poppy seeds in the back garden. The King and Queen’s Silver Wedding: the school children had a half-day holiday. Bought fish in Morden.

25 April 2017

25th April 1948: jaunty tortoise

25 Sun. Very cool, sunny morning, cloudy later; a cold NE wind of hurricane force. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and Margaret came in afternoon for me to take their photograph which I developed along with the one I took at Tolworth on 18th inst. Alb, Lily and Anthony paid a surprise visit and had tea here – without Ciss as she had gone to Edie Hopkins at Stoneleigh. The tortoise which was in the garden last summer came this afternoon walking along the garden path with quite a jaunty gait and seemed quite happy to be here but I now know where it lives so took it back to Roy Eves in Bronson Road.

24 April 2017

24th April 1948: callers and manure

24 Sat. Mild, much sunshine, steady SW breeze but a pleasant day. Weeding in the garden. Planted carnation cuttings. Dug over and manured border for runner beans. Put up rods for same. Gwennie, Laurie and Margaret called. Laurie finished the birthday card. Aunt Liza called. Bought fish at Merton.