24 February 2017

24th Feb 1948: slip, sliding away

24 Tues. Maximum of 39 degs, but the bright sunshine midday caused a quick thaw where it shone but it was freezing again at night: there is still a lot of snow about and it is sliding off roofs of houses. Donald called in morning. Played noughts & crosses with Gwennie in afternoon. To Merton to buy fish. Also bought sheet balsa, white tissue & clear dope at Norman’s: saw his bonny little boy Brian. Covered in the centre bay of new wing with sheet balsa.

23 February 2017

23rd Feb 1948: hot ginger

23 Mon. Just a little above freezing point; dull, windy; no further snow. The footways are very slippery. Laurie called; gave him a cup of hot ginger cordial. Gwennie and Donald called in afternoon. Played table tennis with Gwennie, she beat me two games to one – she thinks she did.

22 February 2017

22nd Feb 1948: DEEP snow - cat's won't go out

22 Sun. Freezing to begin the day but slightly thawing later. Very dull, very windy and rough. From 6 to 8 inches of snow fell during the night; I have rarely seen it so deep; in the drifts it was much deeper. The cats just refuse to go out: and so do I. The usual children called, they don’t seem to mind. Ciss went to Tolworth. I think this wintry spell will be short.

21 February 2017

21st Feb 1948: four inches of snow

21 Sat. Four degrees of frost, four inches of snow greeted us this morning. There is a little less wind. It snowed all day fast at times and at night it looked a foot deep but I must look again in the morning. After a very mild winter when we thought we should escape severe weather we have a fall of snow as heavy as I have seen. Saw Chas pulling Gwennie and Donald on a sledge. My bedroom clock stopped in the night. I found the spring had slipped off the ratchet and one wire had come out of a lantern pinion and another wire was bent and loose. I did the required repairs and it is going well again: it is 60 years old.

20 February 2017

20th Feb 1948: six degrees below (below 32°F)

"Spent the best part of a pound note"

20 Fri. Six degrees below freezing; a small amount of sunshine, snowing all day but not very heavy so only an inch fell. The E wind is even worse and it requires courage to go out to-day. Did all the usual shopping but did not go far afield. Spent the best part of a pound note. Dear Gwennie called; she was so lovable and happy. She has a school holiday till Tuesday. Children in the street had their sledges out. Small amount of work on aero. Had to see to my bedroom clock as it keeps stopping: it does this in the very cold weather although it seems in good working order.

19 February 2017

19th Feb 1948: burnt flock... too cold for gardening

19 Thur. Black frost with a sprinkling of snow; cloudy and the E wind is of hurricane force. To butchers in morning to fish shop and to get a paper in afternoon. No callers to-day. Burnt some old flock out of some pillows – this at the end of the garden: too cold to continue with the new rhubarb bed.